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Our mission: to increase awareness of and end homophobia in football (soccer) and promote equality, regardless of sexual orientation, in the beautiful game.


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Ivan Rakitic homophobic and racist comments

A year ago, FIFA fined Vlatko Markovic, president of the Croatian football federation for declaring that “there’s no way I could pick a homosexual player for selection”, and that “luckily, only wholesome people play football”. Have you shared a changing room with any homosexual players? What you you think about respect?

I respect homosexuals, but I don’t want that sort of person in the changing room. I wouldn’t leave a club because of it, because I respect homosexuals just as much as I do black people, fat people or dwarfs but if at all possible I prefer not to have gays in my life.


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News Round-Up


Footballer in gay magazine: it’s time to tackle the last taboo
West Ham United winger Matt Jarvis appears on cover of Attitude and says gay footballers should feel able to come out.


Robbie Rogers (Wikipedia)

Robbie Rogers: Ex-Leeds United and USA winger reveals he is gay
United States and ex-Leeds United winger Robbie Rogers says he is ‘’stepping away’’ from football after announcing he is gay.

U.S. Players Rally Behind Robbie Rogers on Twitter
Some of Rogers’ teammates showed their support via Twitter. (Continue the support by tweeting @robbierogers .)

Sounders FC Supports Robbie Rogers (video)
Members of Sounders FC send their words of support and admiration to Robbie Rogers.

FA offers support to Robbie
The Football Association has offered its full support to former Leeds United Winger Robbie Rogers after he came out as gay

Football v Homophobia toolkit backed by West Ham and England manager  
The Football v Homophobia campaign has sent a toolkit to clubs guiding them in how to combat homophobia and reach out to LGBT fans and players, in a move backed by the England manager and West Ham team.


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